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Property Insurance

Like Motor Vehicle Insurance, we can provide insurance for almost any type of property. If you are full-time resident on the coast we can provide Homeowners Insurance, Condominium Insurance, or Rental Insurance. If you are not a full-time resident on the coast but are an occasional visitor who owns property on the coast we can provide Secondary Home Insurance. If you own property on the coast that you rent out to other people we offer Vacation Rental Insurance.

We offer, and can provide insurance for:

  • Homeowners Insurance

  • Condominium Insurance

  • Rental Insurance

  • Secondary Home Insurance

  • Vacation Rental Insurance

  • New Construction Insurance


– Foundation Problem –

So we had a foundation give out to a natural disaster. It was devastating we lost allot of personal items. But at least we where covered on the replaceable stuff. The claim process was insanely confusing. But we gave up and went to the agents at isham and sprague and they where able to help us out and explain the claim process in laymen terms.. I would like to thank the agents for taking time to help our family and get us situated again.

Thanks again Shannon and Company